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Most of us don’t have to look very far to find someone in our circle of family and friends who is an inactive Catholic as I was. Many people can’t explain why they stopped coming to church except that life just got in the way. Some inactive Catholics bear a tremendous amount of guilt, legitimate anger, or misinformation; but they are afraid of rejection if they approach the Church. For a variety of reasons, some may mistakenly think they are excommunicated or unwelcome in the Catholic Church. Many are simply waiting for that invitation to return. Consider this web site a personal invitation to come home.

When I first came back to the Catholic Church I met Father Stephen and, without going into a lot of detail, he and I decided to develop a "safe haven" for those considering a journey back to the God and perhaps the church. This is the reason why Catholics Coming Home was founded and this is why we have continued to maintain an on-line presence for nearly ten years now. We are not trying to compete with the larger and more commercial sites. Father Stephen and I believe we offer a unique service by keeping this site running as a small "mom and pop store front" so to speak. We offer you an opportunity to begin or continue an exploration of topics on your own or to engage in dialogue with Father Stephen via e-mail. We hope you will take part in one or both of our services and, no matter the outcome, wish you well on your journey wherever the road takes you. Someone once told me that the journey is far more important than the ultimate destination. I believe that today.

~Sister Corby

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